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QRgtms is Guard Tour Monitoring Systems implementing QR code as tour Stations/ Patrolling points and uses a smart phone to scan QR coded Tour Stations/ Patrolling points.

QRgtms uses existing Android mobile of the user so as to reduce the number of gadgets while on Patrolling.  Android App is downloaded in the mobile. Security Guard carries the mobile when on patrolling duty. Guard scans personal ID before start of Patrolling. AT the Check point he/ she scans the QR code on the site there by recording his/ her presence. A event menu pops up. The guard chooses an appropriate event from the menu. “Tour Recorded ” message is displayed. The guard repeats the same recording procedure at remaining check points. At the end of patrolling he/ she again records own ID to indicate the END of Tour. The data is transferred to PC or transmitted to web server using GSM service. Access to Software is given to authorized person to generate reports. 

QRgtms is similar to DDS Guard Tour Monitoring Systems with RFID. 

QRgtms Guard Tour Monitoring System
QRgtms Guard Tour Monitoring
QRgtms - QR code based Guard Tour Monitoring system.
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