FAQ - Guard Tour Monitoring System

1. What is GTMS ?

GTMS is abbreviation of Guard Tour Monitoring System. It is real-time online/ off-line guard tour system based on RFID and QR-code Tour Stations ID.

The staff scans Tour Station (checkpoints/ Patrol Points) placed on locations and assets and gets informed in real-time about any incidents and events. Every time a Tour Station/  checkpoint is scanned, the information is sent to the GTMS Web application accessible from anywhere on PC or Mobile for immediate action from central security monitoring station.

2. What hardware and software is offered ?

For RFID based GTMS

    1. Hand held reader 

    2. RFID Tour Stations/ Check points/ Inspection points

    3. Guard ID cards

    4. Web based software for online system and desktop s/w for offline system.

For QR code based GTMS

     1. App download on mobile.

     2. Weatherproof Tour Stations/ Check points/ Inspection points.

     3. Web based software.

3. Can I test for free ?

Yes, the QR code version can be tested.     GTMS Free Test.

4. Is GTMS available in my region ?

Yes, GTMS is available worldwide. Please connect with us sales@danidatasystems.com

5. How many Tour stations are supported by GTMS ?

GTMS supports unlimited  number of Tour stations.

6. How to install system ?

Each Tour Station is fixed to wall/ tree/ Asset with screws.  Rest of the system setting is software. For QR code based system, you need to download mobile App.

For more information see our training video

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