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Android App

Android App is developed by DDS for all RFID sled Bluetooth readers. The App is basically Software Development Kit (SDK). System integrators are able to develop any RFID reading/ writing application with the help of this SDK. Some Application like Fastag Reader, Inventory, Asset Tracking, Returnable item tracking, Pre flight inspection etc are ready to use.

Fastag App

Hand head RFID Bluetooth Reader  for Fastag Application. Convenient, light weight, easy to carry for long working hours, made in India and cost effective.

Fastag App

Inventory& Tracking App

Mobile App for Inventory control. Ready to use Android App for Inventory, Pallet Tracking, Location wise storage. App for Wearable RFID UHF reader WUB421220 

Elevator Access App

First in India, Mobile Access Control App for Elevators. Feature rich access, floor wise, Access bypass for functions,  control your visitor entry.

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