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RFID Tags and Inlays

RFID tags are offered in different  types depending on type of material  to which they are fixed. Tags are specially designed for fixing on metal like for cylinder, steel pallets. Tags are specially designed for Laundry/ garments so that they are not damaged during multiple washing cycles. Similarly different Tags are designed for different  application. One must check the combination of tags and RFID reader while selecting tags for better performance. 

On Metal Tags

RFID On Metal Tags

RFID tags on metal Tags are special tags which work when fixed to metallic surfaces like cylinders, Steel Pallets etc. These are specially made hard tags.

Application: Pallets, Military Vehicles, Railway Wagons, Cylinders, Bullock carts

Laundry Tags

RFID Laundry Tags

RFID tags specially developed for Laundry application. These can with stand 200 washing cycles, temperature, and washing chemicals.  Laundry tags are stitched to Linen. Reusable Laundry tags for guestroom laundry or casual customer.

LED Tags

Specially designed LED tags developed for searching applications. If there are 3 items A, B and C and if item C needs to be search then only tag with item C will lighten up the LED light using RFID reader, allowing quick and easy visual identification of a specific item among several others. Learn more…

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