On Metal Tags

On metal RFID Tag
On Metal RFID Tag

RFID tags on metal are special tags which work when fixed to metallic surfaces like cylinders, Steel Pallets etc. These are specially made hard tags.

Application: Pallets, Military Vehicles, Railway Wagons, Cylinders, Bullock carts

Laundry Tags

Laundry RFID Tags

RFID tags specially developed for Laundry application. These can with stand 200 washing cycles, temperature, and washing chemicals.  Laundry tags are stitched to Linen. Reusable Laundry tags for guestroom laundry or casual customer.


RFID Inlays and Tags

RFID tags known as Inlays are suitable for using on non metallic items like cartons, wood, books etc.  Customized printing can be done on Paper inlays.  UHF/ HF RFID inlays for pasting directly to non metal surface like carton, items etc. for supply chain, inventory, and palletization.