Guard Monitoring
check points


What is Guard Tour Monitoring 

  • Guard Tour Monitoring is a system for documenting visits of security guard or employees patrolling property, checking prisoner living areas, technicians monitoring equipment, climate-controlled environments, and police patrolling.
  • It helps to ensure that the guards/ employee  visits check points at predefined time  intervals. Guard/ employee records presence and performs predefined work, then reports and documents the status of the visit.
  • Modern systems are based on handheld RFID scanners and connectivity to cloud. The system provides means to record the presence of security guard/ employee with date time stamp at predefined visit/ check points called Tour Stations.  ‘Tour Stations IDs’  are fixed on  walls, trees, machines etc.
  • The security guard/ employee on reaching these ‘Tour Stations” records his/ her presence by touching the GTMS Reader to the Tour Station ID. The collected data is transferred to PC or cloud software for generating reports

How DDS Guard Tour Monitoring System works

DDS (GTMS) modern set-up works as follows: The guard/ employee carries a portable reader which is activated at each ‘Tour Station’. The portable reader stores the location with the date and time. A custom defined menu pops up for the guard/ employee to select common event that need to be reported. The location data and the reporting data is transmitted to cloud server for appropriate action by superiors. The low cost version of DDS GTMS transfers data to local computer through USB cable at end of each tour

Guard Tour Monitoring system working

Guard Tour Monitoring System consists of the following parts


  1. Guard Tour Reader –  each guard carries the reader when visiting check points/ tour stations. 
  2. Tour Stations – Yellow Tags are fixed to trees, wall etc to identify a location or ‘Check Points’ where guard visits for inspection. Number of tour stations required depends on the area to be monitored. 
  3. Guard Card– These are assigned to each guard to identify guard on tour/ patrol. 
  4. USB cable– For transferring data from Reader to PC 
  5. Charger– For battery charging 
  6. Software CD– Desktop software for generating report
  7. Holster 
GTMS Reader
2 Button GTMS Reader

GTMS IoT enabled reader  is for monitoring multiple sites. The data is stored in DDS cloud software. A SIM card is required. All users access reports from PC/ Laptop/ mobile after login with secured username and password. GTMS reader with GPRS is needed to transfer data to cloud.


The 2 Button GTMS reader is cost effective monitoring solution for small, single site security guard tour monitoring and EVENT reporting system. The software is installed on desktop and data is transferred to PC manually by connecting the 2 Button GTMS reader to USB port of PC. 

RFID Reader with GPRS