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RFID Portal for Dock Door with patented Wave Antennas

RFID Dock Door Portal for shipment verification

RFID Portals for Dock Door  shipment verification. manufactured by DDS with  Antenna DDS Wave Portals brings a new level of performance, ease of  installation, and aesthetics to Portal users,  proven by nearly 10000 installations.

Our superior wave® Portals require no adjustment during or after installation. Literally just plug the portal to any RFID reader on site and you are ready to go. This makes our wave® Portal plug & play and faster to install without any adjustments than a typical patch Antenna portal. 


Wave Antenna

Features and Benefits of wave Antennas 

Accuracy and Performance:

  • Wave antenna portals provide 99+% tag read rates without reading extraneous tag reads outside the targeted zone
  • Our portals are uniquely designed to cover all tag orientations so all tags are read regardless their orientation
  • Wave antennas will not go out of adjustment and will deliver consistently superior read accuracy

Unmatched Versatility:

  • wave® portals are light enough to easily install anywhere, no assembly or on-site adjustment required, these portals are plug & play
  • Our portal portfolio includes portals for walls, mobile floor units, exit and dock doors, and surround applications (see below)
  • Flexible enough to meet user requirements and budget. wave® Portals provide optimum performance for asset tracking. wave® portals work with any Gen 2 UHF reader
  • wave® portals can be discreetly installed as a very aesthetic solution in offices, retail stores, with a fabric cover option to complement any office or retail show room.

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Applications of RFID WAVE Antenna

Smart Shelf
RFID Reader for conveyor
RFID Tunnel
RFID Smart Shelf for Supply Chain
RFID Wave-Conveyor reader is custom  built to read/ write items on conveyor
RFID Tunnel for Laundry, Baggage, Conveyor
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