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Jewellery Tracking

Welcome to DDS RFID Jewellery Tracking, where technology meets luxury. In an industry where each piece holds significant value, both monetary and sentimental, the importance of accurate inventory management cannot be overstated. Our RFID-based jewellery inventory tracking and management system is designed to streamline this process, ensuring that every precious item is accounted for, tracked, and monitored with precision.

The traditional manual inventory system, while reliable to an extent, is prone to human error and can be time-consuming. With our RFID Jewellery Tracking system, we eliminate these challenges, offering a solution that is not only easy and convenient but also fast and accurate.

Jewelry Tracking

DDS RFID Jewellery Tracking System offers a multitude of benefits that revolutionize the way you manage your inventory:

Efficient Inventory Management: Perform daily inventories with ease and accuracy, eliminating the gaps between recorded inventories and physical inventories.

Real-Time Tracking: Keep a real-time view of in-store operational activity, ensuring that every piece of jewellery is accounted for at all times.

Security: The system logs the items distributed to the staff, thereby adding an extra layer of security to your valuable assets.

Increased Productivity: The RFID system removes the painstaking process of scanning individual items, increasing staff productivity by ten to fifteen times.

Enhanced Customer Experience: With an efficient system in place, your staff can focus more on customer service, leading to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Comparison Between RFID Tags And Bar-code

ParameterRFID TagsBar Code
TechnologyUses radio frequency to track and identify items.Uses printed bar codes that are scanned using an infra-red or laser-based scanner.
CostGenerally more expensive due to the cost of RFID tags and readers.Less expensive as it involves printing bar codes and using relatively cheaper scanners.
EfficiencyHighly efficient as it allows for multi-scanning and instant stock updates.Less efficient as each bar code needs to be individually scanned.
ReliabilityHighly reliable as it reduces human error and provides real-time tracking.Less reliable due to the possibility of human error during scanning.
SpeedFast as it allows for simultaneous scanning of multiple items.Slower as each item needs to be individually scanned.
Human InvolvementLess human involvement required, reducing the chance of error.More human involvement required to scan each bar code.
Inventory ManagementProvides easy, fast, accurate, and convenient inventory management and stock control.Inventory management can be more time-consuming and less accurate.
SecurityIllegal movement of items can trigger an alarm.Does not have built-in security features like RFID.
Customer ExperienceCan enhance customer experience through cross-selling, customer loyalty, and better service.Does not directly impact customer experience.
ApplicationIdeal for high-value items where tracking and security are paramount, such as jewelry.Suitable for a wide range of items, particularly where cost is a significant factor.

DDS RFID Jewellery Tracking is an effective solution for jewelry tracking and management. It provides solutions as listed below :

Locker Room/ Vault
Sales Counter
Cashier Counter
Software Preview:


Bar Code


Tracking and Identification


Scanner Required



Inventory Management and Stock Control





Instant Stock Update


Real-time View of In-store Operational Activity


Alarm for Illegal Movement of Items


Automatic Database Update


Increased Staff Productivity


Tagging Jewelry: The first step is to tag each piece of jewelry with an RFID tag. This tag is programmed with all the necessary information about the jewelry piece, including its model number, serial number, description, weight, and carat. This step is crucial as it allows for the unique identification and tracking of each jewelry piece.

Stock Movement Tracking: RFID readers are used to track the movement of the tagged jewelry pieces. This includes tracking from the factory, to the vault, to the sales floor, and to the Tab application. This step ensures that the location of each piece of jewelry is always known, enhancing security and inventory management.

Stock Control: With RFID technology, stock control can be performed quickly at any time of the day. This is a significant advantage over traditional methods of stock control, which can be time-consuming and less accurate.

Searching for Jewelry: RFID technology also allows for quick and easy searching for particular pieces of jewelry using a handheld device. This feature significantly reduces the time spent searching for specific items, improving efficiency.

Report Generation: Finally, RFID technology can generate reports on inventory, staff efficiency, and best-selling items. These reports can provide valuable insights for business decision-making.

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