Sled RFID Readers

What is Sled RFID Reader

RFID Sled reader uses smart phone attached to an RFID antenna and some kind of grip.

Sled RFID Readers are becoming more and more popular with the increase of smart phone ownership and boom of app development.  The smart phone and the app act as a brain of the device, RFID data is collected by RFID reader. The data is transferred  utilizing the existing phone resources such as the data connector (USB port) or wireless communication.

Advantages of RFID Sled reader 

  1.  Cost effective
  2.  The RFID reader is only collecting data and the IoT functions are handled by the phone.
  3.  Easier to add new features like security (finger print/ Facial verification), messaging, WhatsApp.
  4.  Mobile software is updated regularly.
  5.  Switching to 5G.
  6.  Mobile App development is easy.


When selecting an RFID sled reader, you will want to keep the following in mind:

  1.  Is the RFID sled compatible with my IoT software?
  2.  How is the RFID sled connecting to my hardware? (often times Bluetooth or direct connection)
  3.  What size RFID sled is right for my RFID use case?
  4.  Weight of RFID sled for RFID use case.?

Popular RFID Sled Readers

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