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Selecting Right RFID Reader

Selecting the right UHF RFID Reader for your application is of utmost importance. Every RFID reader has its unique features that needs consideration to select appropriate reader before deploying the system.

To help narrow down the search for selecting the right RFID reader, the following needs consideration.

Fixed or Portable RFID reader

Applications where detecting items automatically without manual intervention is needed then fixed readers/ antennas are used. Whereas applications like inventory, counting, searching etc. require portable readers.

Region where the reader will be in operation

All countries allow RFID operating frequencies either 902-928 Mhz or 865-868 Mhz bandwidth. One must make sure that readers are operating in the permissible bandwidth only.

Available reader interfaces

All RFID readers are only data collecting devices. The collected data needs to be transferred to PC, Server or Cloud for processing. The most common interfaces are RS232, USB, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. Make sure the reader has the appropriate interface.