Elevator Access Control provides complete security to buildings. In a high rise building, entry to each floor is not secured as any one can access any floor through elevator.

A simple and cost effective elevator access control from DDS authorizes access only to authorized persons.

Elevator access can secure entry,  floor wise thus allowing only persons living or working on that floor or multi floor access or to all floors. For smaller buildings it can permit access to only authorized persons to any floor.

This flexible access control can be used on the landing side or on COP (car operating Panel). 

When located on Car Operating Panel, it secures use of elevator only by authorized person. When located on the landing side, only authorized person can register  call from the landing side.


Elevator Access Control Features 

Access floors wise:   Authorized person can access only predefined floor

Multi floor access:     Authorized person can access predefined more than one floor.

Access by time of day and day of week:   Anyone can use elevator during say day time and only authorized person during night.

By pass access during parties and functions.    

Permit access by expiry date – Helpful for collection of AMC.

Access Control for Car elevators and parking 

Destination Control System (DSC)